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  1. I'm at the show tonight! I'll be posting vids and pics to my Instagram: @@MIKE_jrdn Feel free to share links 😊 or request things for me to capture! Snapchat: mikejord X
  2. Hey, im seeing the show tonight! Follow my Instagram @@MIKE_jrdn Or add me on snapchat: mikejord Hope you guys like my updates xx
  3. All my fave Zedd songs! Love Slow Down, Kingdom Come. This is a very relevant song writer!
  4. http://instagram.com/p/wC7Ba9G8LK/ Beyond adorable.
  5. It's not real. You can still here the autotuned from the album vocals. Even the word Time at the very beginning seems to start at the right note, and is then pitched down a semitone. Someone has manipulated this to sound bad, but they've done it badly.
  6. Stronger, Passenger, Work Bitch, Oops, Womanizer, Toxic, If U Seek Amy.
  7. I think it was a photoshoot, not a video shoot. Reasoning? Because the multicoloured extensions she wore for the video, she kept in for weeks, so they weren't the sort you just whipped in and out from take to take. And in this picture, there's no extensions. She could have filmed these scenes first, but I can't imagine that happening since the hair is totally different. And it seems a lot of effort for Britney to have gone to for a third single video.
  8. They aren't allowed to become her besties. I think it's a happy relationship, but purely professional.
  9. It's awful! If you were a non fan and saw this what would you think? Bad wigs, bloated and laboured dancing......out of all of POM you selected her crawling across chairs?! The slow motion doesn't help....instead of making it atmospheric, she looks lethargic. There is nothing that screams epic, or career showcasing. The best bit was her in the Toxic MV at the beginning. The captions are lame too. I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE THIS! Hopefully if you revisit it you'll create something really special.
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