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  1. RT @britneyspears: Coming soon...Fantasy Stage Edition! Same amazing scent, special limited ed bottle inspired by my fave performances 💋 ht…

  2. If the stupid Vevo didn't reset her views and Youtube existed back in 2000,She would have like trilion views now tbh and Baby one more time alone would have like 10 billion views Anyway,Congratulations Britney.
  3. At this point,Even Radar can be the 3rd single. :crying1: I want new music video so bad
  4. "I used to think I have the answer to everything ,but now I know that life doesn't always goes my way." "People can take everything away from you, but they can't never take away your truth." "Everything happens for a reason."
  5. There're a lot of :ooyeah: in this thread. :ooyeah: :ooyeah: :ooyeah:I think :ooyeah: is gonna haunt me in my dream tonight tbh. :ooyeah:
  6. Thank you for the advice :ooyeah: But I like the way it is now :ooyeah: and I don't know how to cut gif tho :ooyeah: :ooyeah: :ooyeah: :ooyeah: :ooyeah: :ooyeah:
  7. :ooyeah: :ooyeah: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :ooyeah: But both slayed tho :ooyeah:
  8. Slay them time machine Britney . When will your faves.
  9. "+180" I don't think any +180 years old man can handle the slayage of her D. OMG lol :gloria:
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