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  1. Hi everyone I just made this blog to write about my life with britney And I wanted to share with you how it's been for me, because it's different for everyone Anyway so the first post is just a sorta introduction and then I hope to create a sucessful blog about britney , pop culture ect tell me what you think I hope you like it [Hidden Content]
  2. This is true too hhmmm.... We need to work bitch and devise a plan
  3. We need to keep pushing and fighting for this!!
  4. It's no secret Britney Jean was snobbed of a third single (Alien) and it's also no secret William Orbit wants it released. He's still expressing his feelings to get it released That's why we have to act NOW and get this noticed while we still have Will Orbit on our side! ( I know many of you on exhale are snobby rude fuckers, but to the rest of you who actually care here's what you can do) -Tweet William Orbit on twitter about us wanting to help push for Alien. Tell him to contact RCA records ect to get this released -Tweet RCA Records ( @RCARECORDS) - Using this link, [Hidden Content] Write a letter to RCA expressing how Alien deserves to be released. Try to use extremely motivating and formal language like extremely passionate about this song ect - Try and get in contact with Will.I.Am , whether it be manager, an email ANYTHING, and we spam him about getting it released also. I'll say it again, we have to act NOW, while we still have William Orbit on our side, while Britney's on a break and she can still film a video because the video would be amazing ngl. To the few on here that help, thankyou so so much. It's GREATLY appreciated. That is your good deed for the day hehe xo
  5. Yeah it's all welcome and i'll link it in
  6. Just updated the thread and finished all the sales that I have recorded!!
  7. Thanks bae. I have all her albums , singles, even some of her video albums/DVD sales( the dvd sales are a little outdated from the last official source tho)
  8. Official Career Sales ...Baby One More Time Album Sales- 31 Million WW+ (Certified Diamond) Baby One More Time (Single) 10 Million WW+ Sometimes 1.6 Million Crazy 2 Million Born To Make You Happy 1.2 Million From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart- 1 Million Oops! I Did It Again Album Sales- 25 Million WW+ (Certified Diamond) Oops I Did It Again (Single) 6 Million Lucky 2 Million Stronger 2.1 Million Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 250k Britney Album Sales- 15.5 Million WW+ I'm A Slave 4 U 2 Million Overprotected 700k I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 850k I Love Rock N Roll 500k Boys 500k In The Zone Album Sales-10.2 Million WW+ Me Against The Music 1.75 Million Toxic 6.5 Million Everytime 2 Million Outrageous 150k Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Album Sales- 6 Million WW+ My Prerogative (Single) 1.3 Million Do Somethin' 600k Blackout Album Sales- 3.2 Million WW+ Gimme More 3.5 Million Piece Of Me 4 Million Break The Ice 1 Million Circus Album Sales- 4.6 Million WW+ Womanizer 7 Million Circus 6 Million If U Seek Amy 1.7 Million Radar 600k The Singles Collection Album Sales- 1 Million WW+ 3(Single) 4 Million Femme Fatale Album Sales- 1.95 Million WW Hold It Against Me 3.6 Million Till The World Ends 5.1 Million I Wanna Go 3.2 Million Criminal 750k Britney Jean (All Britney Jean sales not updated since January 2014) Album Sales 700k WW Work Bitch 1.8 Million Perfume 300k Other Notable Singles Scream And Shout 8.2 Million Ooh La La 1.2 Million Someday I Will Understand 250k S & M Remix Featuring Britney 1.5 Million My Only Wish(This Year) 1 Million DVD/VHS Sales ( DVD/VHS sales not updated since 2011) Time Out With Britney Spears 314k Live And More 309k Live From Las Vegas 224k Greatest Hits: My Prerogative 208k Britney:The Videos 206k In The Zone 110k Britney: For The Record 15k