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  1. I couldn't agree more!! 'Girls and Boys' and 'And then We Kiss' are some of my favs from that time.
  2. I kind of find it refreshing that britney isn't really focused on being the center of attention and not constantly trying to sell herself to the public like Beyoncé, Taylor, Katy Perry, etc. she's still a MAJOR name in the business. I do wish she put a lot more effort into her work, not necessarily the promotional aspect of it, but just her live shows and creating better quality music. I think she enjoys working, but she definitley does not have the same drive and passion like she used to.
  3. definitely! She still rocked it! It just wasn't her best.
  4. I was in the audience for those performances! It's funny cause there was a lot of staging going on. Like they wanted to film the crowd cheering and screaming. They made us do like five takes, cause each time the crowd wasn't loud enough or the timing was off. Also, the announcer guy asked the crowd to stick around cause they wanted to tape the till the world ends performance again for some reason, but then they decided not to. It's weird cause in-person the performances seemed really cool and there was so much going on, but on tape it didn't look as exciting. It was still a lot of fun, and britney danced well. Although, I think she was really sick that day. If you've watched the other footage where she did little skits with jimmy, you can tell her voice sounds really nasally. I can post really crappy pics and video if y'all want. *update* here are my terrible pics from the night.
  5. Omg the freakshow guest was Kathy griffin?! Is that true?! That's so awesome! It's cool that Britney doesn't seem to mind that Kathy jokes about her in her acts, since Britney brought her on stage.
  6. She looks incredible!!!!! Go B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving the short hair!
  7. Wow! The one of her just getting into the car... Stunning!
  8. Damn!!!! With Britney's vocals on this, I think it would be a hit! I think Brit's voice would be perfect on this song... Esp. those falsetto parts... I think something could be added to the chorus though to give it a little more energy.
  9. I hope so too! I love her songs nuclear seasons and what I like!
  10. I think the album is ok... But it definitely doesn't meet Britney's standards... And the biggest issue I have with the album is the vocal mixing and how it's hard to identify her singing.
  11. Aw that's too sweet! I remember when my parents surprised me with Oops for my b-day!
  12. I can't argue with you after you posted such a flawless gif!
  13. Work Bitch was included on the femme fatale album and Britney Jean never happened... Just kidding! ...But seriously...
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