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  1. A girl who claims to live by where they filmed the my said she saw a lions cage during the shoot. If it's true I bet there is another outfit we haven't seen yet! I'm so exited for mmo
  2. thanks for the love & to those who voted you are all to sweet! I Hope to be more active the rest of the year! I wish I would have known about the comp sooner so I could have voted for all you sexy bitches & T!M is still my fav 🙈☺ï¸ðŸ˜˜ & to the members who organized this thanks again for all your hard work & putting this together again this year!
  3. Awwww thank you guys for the votes @ 7.3. MS.SPEARSON FLOIE messaged me on fb letting me know I was in this years comp & I just wanted to show her some love & hope it's not to late to vote for her! Thanks MS.SPEARSON FLOIE & everyone who voted for me I swear britney fans are so fucking hot I can't wait to see who wins this year!
  4. She has so many hits to choose from that everybody would know so it would be hard to choose but mine would be (not in order) bomt, oops, slave, toxic, gimme more, womanizer, circus, piece of me, I wanna go, ttwe, hiam, 3 and wb
  5. Februaryney always slays so get ready to be buried because godney is here to bring the action lol
  6. That would have been quite fun tbh
  7. seriously though the little things like her attitude is what made her such an amazing performer to watch on stage! I'm so glad she's feeling it more and I hope the DVD gets this fierceness
  8. who deleted the audio though and why
  9. Februaryney slays so I'm really exited to see if she kills the piece of me show again this leg
  10. there is always someone who has to be negative about her looks... Seriously she's happy and looks great stfu if she wants to get fillers in her lips you don't have to like it just live with it or move on
  11. He needs to give her more choppy layers like she used to rock during her prime because it gives her hair more volume and really compliments her face
  12. We should all tweet britney and let her team know how bad we want a music video for her moroder track
  13. Is there any chance they were filming last night