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  1. I have been friends with that person for years. That was a really simple misunderstanding that people blew up for no reason. Also: not asking anyone to believe me. Covers for magazines are set months in advance, and the only reason celebrities are bumped from covers is due to shocking or huge news. For example, Prince's death dominated and bumped covers because of his caliber as a musician and pop cultural icon. Hopefully I'll gain some trust when those covers do finally come out. But if you ask any other member of the B-G staff, they'll back me up on my credibility in terms of knowledge on magazines and celebrity photography.
  2. Lol sorry! I meant to quote you! But yes, Lucky is defunct and I doubt her team would turn to that rag for something as large as her album launch, especially after that abysmal last session.
  3. I accidentally just deleted a comment about Lucky magazine, and I apologize to the member I did that to! Lucky magazine folded; it's now a quarterly thing and after the last fiasco I don't think Britney will ever do it again. If she did I'd be shocked.
  4. Hey guys, Would just like to let everyone know that Britney is not slated to appear on any magazine covers coming soon UNLESS one of the major magazines nabbed her at the last second which is highly unlikely. But as of today, here is what I know for sure: Billboard's next issue will feature Fifth Harmony on the cover, Rolling Stone doesn't have her slated through late this year (Prince is their next cover), and Elle Magazine has Bella Hadid coming shortly for their next issue, as well as Selena Gomez on the cover of Marie Claire. Now, I don't know about Harper's Bazaar or Vogue yet but the more obvious choices are out. Just an FYI.
  5. And notice how that tweet by that site is now gone. Simple misunderstanding. I didn't tweet the writers because I was waiting to put this out there for today via the mainpage and the full staff.
  6. Just to clear this up: -Galaxy had this first -I know the person who runs that Xtina account -I tweeted out before he did -Just enjoy the song titles. This was a B-G exclusive. Stop trying to make it anything but.
  7. wrong. it's called lighting and the angle. plus a different camera than a professional one. it's obviously a phone.
  8. Vegas did not cause any damage. It's done nothing but elevate her career. Not only is she making a power play that works for her and is something she obviously wants but it's brought out the performer in her and allows her ample time with her kids. This fanbase constantly wants Britney to be in control of her career and when she finally does, people cry foul. I understand the upset in the international faction of the Britney Army, but I think all of you would agree you'd rather be seeing her kill it in Vegas than have a hit-or-miss tour like the last two efforts. It was BLATANTLY obvious Britney had extremely off nights on both the Circus and Femme Fatale tours, and some in Vegas but they are few and far between. The internet and social media has taken massive note of Vegas. And while you may clock the ticket sales for August, she sold just about 80% of her total tickets. Her career is not in some form of jeopardy like you all think it is.
  9. 1. I always buy a physical copy of an album on the release date. 2. I once drove over 50 miles to find a copy of an international CD single. 3. I was a fan from the first time I saw the "...Baby One More Time" video on TRL when it debuted. I was 9. I am now 26.
  10. Joy Of Pepsi, her first commercial, debuted in 2001 during the Academy Awards, not the Super Bowl!
  11. I can answer this! The OTHER version posted is the banned one. Coca Cola wasn't happy that Pepsi featured their "workers" and logo in a Pepsi commercial so it was pulled. The original version with all of the different people watching is the original version aired during the Academy Awards the year the commercial came out. :]
  12. 1. A vast amount of my material I have either paid for or licensed myself, including the V magazine images. I explained this to Dougie. It's not illegal to sell things if I've gone to the photographer, explained the circumstances, and paid for a license to have the images in my possession. I won't be the one in trouble here. 2. You making threads is basically giving Dougie a scapegoat for leaking things. You're just as guilty. Agencies and photographers will see the same. 3. That makes no sense whatsoever. Images surface online plenty; it's when they surface in their FULL resolutions that is a problem...that's what you and Dougie have been doing. You're the source of this giant leak spree today. Everything Galaxy has posted has been AFTER you both posted something first. The difference is, I have documentation to show I OWN parts of these images. You don't. You have no legal standings in regards to the images whatsoever. You're busted. Don't act like you didn't do something wrong lol 4. Stop playing the innocent one here. You got all of these images from Dougie to leak. BritneyRemixed is his tag. I'm not stupid. Dougie blocked me on Skype after I told him I was turning him in and then decided to leak more things. Not the smartest idea. Everything on the Rebellion forums has been screenshotted, translated, sent to me, along with Dougie's personal facebook page, your personal facebook, and your IP addresses. I'm not playing around here.
  13. The Lucky shoot isn't the thing I told Dougie to worry about. The other two are. Someone already has been timestamping and screenshotting every single post the two of you have made in regards to posting/leaking things from Mark Liddell and Mario Testino. I'm compiling it all and sending it off to both of their camps. If you want to discuss this further, contact me over DMs. I blocked you on Skype; you never answered me anyways and were a complete waste of time.
  14. Since you two seem to be the two who have the most complaints today, let me spell it out for you. I'm the one who came onto the team and had all of these images. A guy on Exhale and a known collector-wannabe named Dougie is the source of all of these leaks. See, I've been collecting Britney's images for over a decade now. And Dougie is one of those instances where he got his hands on a few things and he wanted to show off and be someone for five minutes. All of the images he has, I have, and I reached out to various people personally on the phone before we released anything. I don't know if we'll face any kind of serious repercussions for these images leaking but the photographers in question, Mark Liddell who shot Candies and Mario Testino who shot V mag, have come after fansites and individuals in the past for leaking their images. The Lucky magazine shoot has been floating around and slowly leaking for three years. Britney made a request at the time for the images not to be placed online, however, that was with nothing to compare it to and that was a request of one website (if that's even completely true per Jordan Miller). Outtakes from the Lucky shoot have been slooooowly leaking and this Dougie kid got his hands on them. I beat him to the punch on those but basically one-upped him for every image he leaked. The versions here on Galaxy are full-resolution, untagged images in the original forms. Dougie was probably attempting to keep untagged versions or resizes for himself for potental trading opportunities. Britney's team only really cares about certain images of her children being placed online given the circumstances of said images. These outtakes are old and if ever were brought up by any publication or news outlet, her team could come back and counter with images from newer publications, such as Shape, Women's Health or Billboard magazine. That's why the Lucky magazine images are not an issue now. If you have any questions, direct them to ME and I'll do my best to answer them. I get where you're coming from but myself and the other staff do things in the best interests of the fans.
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