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  1. I have been friends with that person for years. That was a really simple misunderstanding that people blew up for no reason. Also: not asking anyone to believe me. Covers for magazines are set months in advance, and the only reason celebrities are bumped from covers is due to shocking or huge news. For example, Prince's death dominated and bumped covers because of his caliber as a musician and pop cultural icon. Hopefully I'll gain some trust when those covers do finally come out. But if you ask any other member of the B-G staff, they'll back me up on my credibility in terms of knowledge on magazines and celebrity photography.
  2. Lol sorry! I meant to quote you! But yes, Lucky is defunct and I doubt her team would turn to that rag for something as large as her album launch, especially after that abysmal last session.
  3. I accidentally just deleted a comment about Lucky magazine, and I apologize to the member I did that to! Lucky magazine folded; it's now a quarterly thing and after the last fiasco I don't think Britney will ever do it again. If she did I'd be shocked.
  4. Hey guys, Would just like to let everyone know that Britney is not slated to appear on any magazine covers coming soon UNLESS one of the major magazines nabbed her at the last second which is highly unlikely. But as of today, here is what I know for sure: Billboard's next issue will feature Fifth Harmony on the cover, Rolling Stone doesn't have her slated through late this year (Prince is their next cover), and Elle Magazine has Bella Hadid coming shortly for their next issue, as well as Selena Gomez on the cover of Marie Claire. Now, I don't know about Harper's Bazaar or Vogue yet but the more obvious choices are out. Just an FYI.
  5. And notice how that tweet by that site is now gone. Simple misunderstanding. I didn't tweet the writers because I was waiting to put this out there for today via the mainpage and the full staff.
  6. Just to clear this up: -Galaxy had this first -I know the person who runs that Xtina account -I tweeted out before he did -Just enjoy the song titles. This was a B-G exclusive. Stop trying to make it anything but.