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  1. 100% I legit know the lyrics to all of her songs even bonus tracks #imanerd
  2. Well, she technically did a ton of them for the Femme Fatale tour. (...Baby, Boys, Lace and Leather, Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know etc.)
  3. I wish, but we'll have to see! One thing to always remember, when being a Britney fan, is that you can't believe anything until it has an official source!
  4. Yeah i know exactly what you're talking about. I was so disappointed to see that they changed that function just a week or two after the tickets went on sale. It was useful for me because I could use that to pick seats for my friends to be close to my Meet & Greet seats.
  5. If this is true i would wonder why she would appear on that show, especially since she has such good comedic timing.
  6. I wish I saw a video of this or atleast knew what they said to each other lol
  7. The answer, for any real fan, should be the option of her living the way she wants to live. I don't understand how anyone could choose the other option if it meant she would be miserable.
  8. I honestly don't think Britney nor her team have thought that far ahead. Like fans have been obsessing over what's next for so long now, and I literally think both Britney and her team live day by day and they decide on the next venture when the current one finishes. They probably won't even consider a new album until the residency is over, or if Britney gets bored and decides to record.
  9. Nothing's going on so I guess some fans have decided to take a break, like Britney has. It's sad because even during the Femme Fatale era, the forums we're flooded with fans. I miss the community that existed
  10. I've seen her have the Vanilla bean frap with caramel drizzle so many times! In 2007 she had it like everyday. Oh and the caramel carp is a favourite of hers too! And if you want it in true Britney style, always get a venti!
  11. I don't think that's happening. Britney isn't as insightful as Madonna, plus I feel like In The Zone was her personal/spiritual album.
  12. She's probably gonna stick with this Vegas thing for awhile. She's performing and being able to spend lots of time with her kids, her two loves. Vegas is giving her the best possible balance ever. This does however, mean that she won't be doing tv performances/promo and huge album cycles ever again. Her focus will probably mainly be these shows like Cher or Celine have done.
  13. I don't think so, she was working with some pretty urban producers (Danja, Darkchild etc.) who don't write/produce children material. She loves kids, but she can decipher between her life as a mom and as a sexy popstar lol.
  14. Actually it's probably because she doesn't sing live, she's always been branded as a popstar that always lip syncs. Gaga sounded bad here, but the world has seen her sing live plenty of times so people know she doesn't rely on studio doctoring for her records. Britney on the other hand, lipsyncs live performances and then the first chance we've heard Britney's raw vocals in years, she sounds flat and out of tune, so of course a leak like this is more damaging for Britney. Trust me, has nothing to do with 'obsession'.
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