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  1. Hi everyone! As soon as stuff leaks you can expect to see me around with my mixes, so here is another one I did in the last two days. It's not as sophisticated concept-wise as some of my other mixes but I'm happy with it. Added some Brazilian samba and maracatu samples to the drums and made it a little bit more dramatic. Oh, and, of course, I also left Brit's voice be what it is and fixed some editing messes on the lead vocal track. Hope you guys like it. You can download it here: MEGA. I have this other link for a dropbox folder but I can't guarantee that's gonna be up forever. P.S.: Can't wait for more leaks since I don't have the privilege of getting multitracks or stems otherwise (I tried, but people are too precious).
  2. Everything I did was shared. I am just waiting for more things to leak (or for a kind person to share stems and multitracks with me) Thanks for being a fan of my work!
  3. I don't have the stems of these songs
  4. Hi. I am Igor Moretto and I make remixes that value Britney's voice and creativity. You may know me because of the Legacy Editions I did years ago for Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. Now I did a Legacy remix for Toxic, since it recently leaked. I always loves that track and I got very happy it was made available to me and all of us. Here is what I ended up with: DOWNLOAD 320kbps .MP3 I hope you guys and girls like it. If you wanna download my older Legacy editions, here are the links: Femme Fatale (Legacy Edition); Britney Jean (Legacy Edition). Bye!
  5. In my edit I used Britney's takes of "Not alone". Can't u notice?
  6. Britney Jean: Legacy Edition is a reinvention of the songs on Britney Spears' Album "Britney Jean". For the new mixes, I used only elements that were recorded for the original songs, so I don't go to far from the original concept of the tracks. The full album is comming at the end of the year, and the first EP will be available soon. Stay tunned! First single (limited download enabled): https://soundcloud.c...y-edit-feat-ana For more info: twitter.com/igorzets Download Femme Fatale: Legacy Edition here: http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/605130-femme-fatale-legacy-edition/
  7. Legacy edition is a collection of remixes that preserve Britney's vision and talents. You guys can download Femme Fatale Legacy Edition here: Part 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/owdvdukepwgyos8/Femme%20Fatale%20%28Legacy%20Edition%29%20EP%201.rar Part 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rosnujbukcajnjy/Femme%20Fatale%20%28Legacy%20Edition%29%20EP%202.rar Part 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/avuqpo97ztnp4nk/Femme%20Fatale%20%28Legacy%20Edition%29%20EP%203.rar
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