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  1. why are you all bothered? this website posted a good and positive review about her!! who cares about the comments. the gp are just gonna see what the website have said
  2. No promo And IUSA, radar, MP and DS are actually well known by the public
  3. Whitney a family are hating the biopic though. Cissy said that no one involved knows anything at all about the relationship with Whitney and Bobby. And Bobbi Kris tweeted quite harsh words to Angela Bassett... Don't blame them tho. I think biopics are very intrusive and seem not in the familes best interests most times. I think with a Britney biopic, it needs the family involved. They need to tread lightly with e.g. Her relationship with the press
  4. If it's July 31st, I'll die!!!! That's my birthday!
  5. She sounds so much like 1999/2000 when she says 'no I can't do this. You know what I mean' then she puts her hair behind her ears!!!
  6. Also, where/when has she referenced Love will never do?
  7. You sure can! Love 'if' aswell. I'm adding Everytime (1999) to it aswell if I hadn't already. Such a good song
  8. Janet's the queen! I'd love for Brit to cover: Love will never do Nasty Escapade Rhythm nation Again Together Again Control
  9. So glad Britney's got 2 mil!!!! Wouldn't expect that much tbh. This is a UK thing right? Buutttt, I would like to ask where's Rihanna? surely she's had million sellers. We Found Love.
  10. I think there's BritneyDaily or something on twitter. If you search britney into the twitter search bar, you should her quote accounts and stuff tho that come up
  11. I always liked her. Like my sisters use to do the Sometimes choreo and I'd want to join in but I felt I shouldn't cos I'm a guy. And my mum and I can remember all the times we used to watch Crossroads. But I started being a real fan after the Glee episode and HIAM. I can remember me and my sister were going to the shop but there was an exclusive thing for 'Britney's new video' on a music channel. So I walked around the lounge being really slow getting my shoes on so I could watch it. that's when I became a stan I'm 18 now. So maybe 14/15 when I became a fan/stan
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