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Slave for Brit

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  1. I could never go to a strip club with my mom lol so embrassing for me
  2. She belted out "whaaat, you better work" after the thank you vegas part We are not worthy
  3. I really dont remember creating this thread
  4. are u serious ?** No one is complaining about her we are just angry about how billboard handled her nonexistent moment and gave the award back stage. And we are angry bcuz of our love to brit. But u prpably dont care because u think she is too humble for dat. BOOOO. Celine just had her moment and it was ICONIC. anyway coming here was a mistake. live in your colourful delusional world bye
  5. Britney being humble as fuck doesnt mean Billboard can be respectless ignorants and give her "millenium" award on "backstage" thats plain stupid.
  6. mtv's tribute was much better than this shit tbh. With gaga and everything considering she didnt even perform. Guys Im sorry for melting down but this is serious and Im mad
  7. IKR finally someone talking about this. That was a mess dont get me wrong the performance was AMAZING (minus work b but anyway) What the fuck was that seriously?
  8. why no one is talking about non existent award getting and tribute tho? guys say something Im so mad at billboard
  9. haha ikr I thought she was actually perform it for a second
  10. TOXIC WAS BOMB BTW but I just cant accept the way they gave the award to her wtf
  11. wtf???? she already got the award wtf billboard being respectless af?*??******** We didnt even see her get it. IM MAD