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  1. Singles Best: Toxic Worst: Sometimes Fillers Best: Cinderella Worst: Chillin' WIt U & My Baby (tied) Bonus tracks and bsides Best: He About To Lose Me & Mood Ring (tied) Worst: Do Somethin' Unreleased Best: Sugarfall Worst: What U Sippin' On
  2. I love Private Show. Even made a dance. " Swing it to the left, swing it to the right Strutting on the stage, center of the lights Dripping in smiles, they come on down Take your seat now!!!!!!!"
  3. ...Baby One More Time Gimme More Piece of Me This Kiss Mood Ring Slumber Party Cinderella Lonely I Run Away He About To Lose Me Womanizer Toxic Strangest Love Walk on By What It's Like (To Be Me) Sugarfall Overprotected Phonography Kill The Lights Break the Ice Mannequin Trouble Just Like Me Better Private Show Love Me Down Unusual You You Got It All Where Are You Now Thinkin' Bout You I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) Touch Of My Hand Shadow Til the World Ends Get Back
  4. Could you link me to the first one? I'd be so appreciative.
  5. I don't think so! Our Brit is always being creative!
  6. Sorry if this is already posted! I love seeing Brit with her family. The Mannequin challenge on a moving private jet was tooooo cute! http://hellogiggles.com/britney-spears-thanksgiving-family/
  7. Wow. He's never gonna stop mentioning Britney in some form or another.
  8. Britney the actress.... I miss that part of her too. Especially hosting SNL.
  9. So beautiful and magical all at the same time.
  10. I too loved the photo shoot!!!!
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