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  1. The real reason is apart from WB and Perfume, all of the other songs off the album have Myah's vocals on it and shes not credited as a bg vocalist, and they want to avoid unwanted complaint/ lawsuit from Myah herself if the single is released. There I said it.
  2. by "dealing with" did you mean the person came for you directly or was it this usual "poking in others' conversations" that you like to do so much yet get irritated when people do it?
  3. none of them said anything abt the song being new or old? can u just stfu and sit down?
  4. There are like 25 people doing the M&G, you cant srsly expect to have 3-4 minutes of her time to yourself, cmon now. Lbr, as wonderful as it is to meet Britney Spears, its very likely you'd be so starstruck that you will have that very faint hope the whole thing is done with ASAP. 2 mins to say everything you've been dying to say to her personally is ideal. 3 mins is a tad much. 4 mins, what kinda talk do you plan on now? Her lunch?
  5. You're gonna get the ticket and the wristband 2 hrs before the show, while you do that ppl will have you know that you MUST be present at the box office outside the theatre at 5.30PM sharp. Some bodyguards (probs from her team) will check for your name on their name list of the ppl who bought the M&G package. You only have to show your ID/passport (anything official that has your name and your photo). This takes max 10 mins. Then you guys will get in queue and enter the theatre as guided by the people of her team. As you enter the theater, you will be greeted by Fe. Thats when the backstage tour happens. I wont spoil it for you. You'll have a lot of great fun, trust me. If your friend doesnt want to see the show, no worries. It's Vegas, you dont get bored in Vegas. The Planet Hollywood is right on The Strip, chances are hes gonna get just as much entertainment as you are with Britney. If you guys dont want to lose each other, there are COUNTLESS places at PH he can sit down and enjoy a nice drink or two. Tip: the Gordon Ramsay restaurant is on the same floor as AXIS and its only a couple steps across the theatre. Lol.
  6. lol u guys should have known by now not to ever take that fuck's words for anything rly.
  7. lmao and get slammed with reputation damage lawsuits from her team? why do you think anyone would be that stupid and go there just to satisfy your fucking hearing pleasure?
  8. this is what you classify as "leaked"? no wonder nobody trades with you.
  9. http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/9653406/file.html just saying
  10. once again, these are filtered from the stem mix that was released earlier this year.
  11. but u guys better show me how to attach media right in my post, so ppl who wants to download it will have to register to do it.
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