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  1. Womanizer < Till the World Ends Circus < Hold It Against Me Out From Under < Inside Out Kill the Lights > I Wanna Go Shattered Glass > How I Roll If U Seek Amy > Beautiful Unusual You > Seal it With A Kiss Blur < Big Fat Bass Mmm Papi < Trouble For Me Mannequin > Trip to Your Heart Lace & Leather < Gasoline My Baby < Criminal Circus: 5 Femme Fatale: 7
  2. I'm A Slave 4 U > Alien Overprotected < Work Bitch Lonely < Perfume I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman > It Should Be Easy Boys > Tik Tik Boom Anticipating > Body Ache I Love Rock N Roll < Til It's Gone Cinderella > Passenger Let Me Be < Chillin' With You Bombastic Love < Don't Cry That's Where You Take Me < Brightest Morning Star When I Found You < Hold On Tight What It's Like To Be Me < Now That I Found You Britney: 5 Britney Jean: 8 This kinda shocked me.... But I guess I like BJ more.
  3. So I this week I found out that I got into the play at my school, and we write the play ourselves. Since the theme is Celebrities, I'm doing a skit about Godney! So I need your guys help picking out some iconic Britney references to put into the skit. (objects, songs, places, outfits, etc.) :xf13: Please post some ideas down below!
  4. I don't think the song itself sounds like Gimme More but the intro sounds like a slowed down version of the Gimme More intro. That's my opinion tho. I just love GG.
  5. If someone told me that Britney could no longer be my one and only queen, then my queens would be Girls' Generation. They are the most badass K-Pop group out there. Yesterday when I was listening to their album "The Boys' for the first time in a while, I realized that their song "Oscar' has an intro that sounds like the Gimme More intro. I had no clue that my sub queens were fans of Godney. Tell me what you think down below.
  6. I went on the 20th and the people who had platinum got to go to the front of the line once we were inside.
  7. Let Me Be Let Me Be vs. Bombastic Love