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  1. I'm calling on @RepScottTaylor to return $3,500 in NRA contributions. We deserve leaders who will stand up to the g… https://t.co/E1Ll2ey1cC

  2. Help me win this prize from @evanescence #tunespeak https://t.co/sLy0aZpyk8

  3. @Pink will the U.S. ever get a release of your "White Rabbit" cover? The Japan Version of #BeautifulTrauma has it as a bonus track

  4. @amras what's up buddy?

  5. @AmazonVideo has a release date for the AppleTV app been decided?

  6. @MisterG1991 do you have a link to Double Dutchess? DM Me

  7. @OregonState hey OSU, is there no one working on your campus today at the Beaver Store? The site is down, has been for 24 hours now

  8. @britneyspears @PHVegas will we be getting a DVD/BluRay release in 2018 of the POM show?

  9. Now on @ComingSoon_Tech ➜ @UtecGroup | Fingerprint, Keycard & Bluetooth Smart Lock ➜ https://t.co/bBAjji8nWN https://t.co/3H5OOt8AIp

  10. @PHVegas so is there still going to be a video release of @BritneySpears Piece of Me Residency Show?

  11. @LogoTV we missed the premiere of drag race season 9, how come it's not available on the LogoTV App?!?!?!?!?

  12. RuPaul - American [320-MP3 M4A] | DOWNLOAD https://t.co/h26lXbWAXZ

  13. I just entered to win an awesome prize from @Aptivada. https://t.co/hPUnRAvZGO #GreenDay

  14. @kelly_clarkson hey Kelly, did we not get any new audio tracks for January 2017?

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