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Bim Spears

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  1. Happy Birthday Bim Spears!

  2. Joey had a crush on Britney Spears lol. In one ep he kept asking Ross if the one he met was Britney Spears. I would love to see Britney as a weird relative of Phoebe. Something weird and super funny. I think that would fit her best. Plus I love Phoebe. And maybe she has an affair with Joey and then Phoebe finds out and it gets complicated since Phoebe thinks Joey was gonna dump her and then tries her best to stop that but ends up making it even worse.
  3. They posted a capture from IABJ and pretend to be a behind the scene picture. And you guys still believe them?
  4. She's singing the backing vocals, not the entire song and pass it off as Britney. Are you dumb?
  5. The woman's shadow in the bathroom is not a mistake lol she was the one he's cheating on Britney with.
  6. and then how can you put it up? I tried but it's always a frozen image.