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  1. Christiane Schaumberg-Müller, the actress who hosted the Change Lingerie launch event for the new Intimate collection in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently visited a danish radio program where she talked about her experience meeting Britney and she had some pretty interesting things to say: - Britney arrived a few minutes before she had to go on stage - She stayed at the venue for 10 min - She seemed scared and very uncomfortable - Just right before she had to go on stage she looked very tensed up and down right freaked out - But she was very sweet and not diva-like at all Here's my ROUGH translation of the interview. H = host, C = Christiane, S = Another guest in the show H: You met Britney Spears recently C: Yeah I did H: How was it? C: I had to interview Britney on stage and I think that she was at Forum (the venue) for a total of 10 minutes. She arrived in a car just before she had to get on stage for the interview and she didn't act diva-like at all, she seemed like a really really sweet girl, but she seemed so scared. My conclusion is that she had a lot of social anxiety S: You know what, I'm so happy you said that, cause I saw some pictures of her from the event... She just walked around with this stiff smile and looked like she was doped out on meds, like, there has to be something wrong with her. C: She looked so uncomfortable! S: She seems totally bizarre, totally doped out. C: Yeah. Just before she had to get on stage, her shoulders were right up at her head, she looked so tensed up. And she was scared. H: And this is a woman who has been doing this for 16 years... C: And that's why it didn't come off as diva-like or big headed, it really was social anxiety. H: Somebody should put their arms around her and take her home and watch some Netflix. C: I think a lot of people are only seeing dollar signs. S: Exactly. Like you can't trust anyone. I think she has a lot of paranoia. I think she experienced that people used her for her fame. C: I really think she's been through a lot and you could definitely feel that. S: It's nice to get an explanation, cause I really felt like she was totally doped out or she didn't give a f**k about that event.
  2. Can somebody PM me the Work Bitch steams, please?