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  1. Perks of living in Estonia - your car won't start when it is -15 degrees outside

  2. Critics can say what they want, but I thoroughly enjoyed #JusticeLeauge

  3. It is infuriating...

  4. Some people are blithering idiots

  5. There's a bloody reason why I booked a certain time slot ugh

  6. I really have an urge to slap some sense to them

  7. This is what our society has come to

  8. Hopefully this shall pass

  9. Why am I so afraid of not being single anymore? I am so deep in my comfort zone that I push all great opportunities away...

  10. Well... Shit hit the fan today

  11. RT @eonlineTV: Attention @MTVteenwolf fans: @ColtonLHaynes still wants to know where @tylergposey is getting his juice. #SDCC https://t.co/…

  12. I was so angry afterwards ugh

  13. Baby Driver - such a fantastic film. The soundtrack was amazing and the storyline fresh - would definitely recommend.

  14. Car broke down today... which means that I'll be eating noodles for the rest of the month

  15. I literally have socks tanned on my legs... -.- this is horrible

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