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  1. Happy Birthday Joey Angel!

  2. Overrated: Any Live performance of MATM Underrated: Most of the FFT performances
  3. So NOW that we've moved on from him, after we BEGGED for years to get his remixes, he gives us two tracks we weren't checking for???
  4. So she didn't sing on Femme Fatale? Ya'll jumped from Circus RIGHT over to BJ!! lol
  5. For real, I learned my lesson the hard way so I don't get my hopes up too high
  6. I love her vocals on this song, most of the time people are used to her higher pitched singing, this go-round its completely different and with all the attention the song got only puts britney in a better spotlight
  7. I want music like; Selfish, HIAM, Welcome to Me, Seal it with a kiss, and Up N' Down I want promo like during the Blackout era...I don't care what these ho's say, as long as its about Britney I want enthusiasm
  8. I'd like it better as an interlude, for as if another song had been on the album with the same message
  9. I feel like Blackout was unexpected as an album, based on what was going on at the time. The music was amazing and no one was doing anything close to that sound at the time. Like others have said, it captured the essence of Britney..it was everything we wanted from Britney and more! Britney Jean was supposed to be what we've been wanting from britney and got nothing close to that... It's like when you order a pizza with Pepperoni & Sausage and they give you one without pepperoni! Yeah, you'll eat the pizza, it was good BUT it's nothing like that you were told you'd get...
  10. In no particular order: 1. Hold It Against Me 2. Seal It With A Kiss 3. Welcome to Me 4. Selfish 5. Slave 4 U 6. Perfect Lover 7. Break The Ice 8. Womanizer 9. Unusual You 10. Gimme More (The Femme Fatale Remix) Basically, if anyone that wanted to know the best Britney songs, these are the ones I'd play them
  11. How come when it comes to VMA's you guys wanna compare Bey and Brit on if Britney deserves more, but when we talk about dancing, singing, or Music, yall say "they're two different artists"?
  12. Best pop album of it's time!! -every song could've been a single - I wanna go was a waste of a video - Selfish, Up N' Down, SIWAK, Scary, and Inside Out deserve more..just MORE!
  13. I love Britney wayy more than Beyonce, but I really disagree with it comes to "Artistry"...I mean from MY OPINION: Britney has made some AMAZING music, BOTTOM LINE..Beyonce, I don't have too many songs that I like from her, but I feel like when I listen to a beyonce song vs Britney, I could see more into beyonce 'the artist' than I can with Britney 'the artist' I saw one or two of a documentary about Beyonce and it seems like she puts MORE into everything that goes on into her shows/performances/tours/ etc...and I remember that one clip we got of the Femme Fatale tour where they showed britney the stage for the first time, and in the IAMBJ special when a lot of the decision making was done when britney wasn't in the room... As far an how they act as artist towards their fanbases, I think beyonce has it won, her fans are completely happy with everything they get while we're over here getting giddy over the secrets the we didn't know about past albums and are going back & forth with EACH OTHER over which vegas performance had the most dancing...
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