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  1. Happy Birthday itsrobertbitch!

  2. if she wasn't a Britney fan already she is now, hearing all her songs three times a week lol
  3. I have it too but it's packed away. I need to get The Time Out With Britney on DVD.
  4. yeah I remember her from when I went. She kept getting after this girl next to me for putting her drink on the railing. She don't play lol
  5. I'm such a 90's baby. I grew up watching Disney Channel and Britney of course. I wish I could get in a time machine and go back.
  6. That outfit is my all time favorite. I would give anything to see it up close. Your so lucky!
  7. Where are those outfits displayed?
  8. I like to joke around too. I almost didn't see the last sentence lol
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