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    Just a girl with a book in one hand and an iPod filled with the legendary Ms. Britney Spears' songs in the other...
  1. ITZ is life Blackout is Air you can't have one without the other... they both slay but i gotta go with Blackout
  2. Im always missing you before the goodbye...<3

  3. Where are you now>>email my heart>>my baby I love where are you now but I love email my heart and my baby... just not as much as Where are you now! ;D
  4. I love TOH performance. I find it sensual however i am down with a new choreography!
  5. This song represents my saturday nights and sunday mornings... song Slays my life
  6. I would ask for an autograph or a selfie. If she said no, then Ill just her to gimme moar.