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  1. For those saying I didn't deserve it. Are you pressed? Are you mad? Are you upset? Are you sad? Let me give you a hug cuz you act like nobody shows you love. Get out your feelings hoe, get out your feelings hoe! You stay complaining, you stay crying, you stay whining hoe!
  2. The only lead single Britney has done with a featured artist was MATM and it was featuring a legend (madonna). Now she's reduced herself to using a fad who's only been relevant for less than a year (and is already over considering Iggy can't even get a hit anymore). I'm scared team Britney's little plan for a "smash single featuring one of today's most relevant artists" is gonna backfire because 1. It looks desperate af 2. Iggy is over. No one likes her anymore and she's become a complete JOKE on social media and in the GP. People WANT to see Iggy fail at this point because she's made such a fool of herself. I'm scared that the GP is gonna toss the song to the side or not even take it seriously because Iggy is on it. I'm just pressed af right now. I want Britney to slay this era, but NOT LIKE THIS.
  3. I've been curious about this. I've been twice and both time I went I had GA. But I have no idea how many people were on each side. I heard one time that it's 50 on each side. So that would be 100 total. Does that sound accurate?
  4. She's flawless. You're mad. End of discussion.
  5. If that's you in your avi then