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  1. Hey y'all I'm the one who uploaded the demo on Soundcloud, you linked my Soundcloud snippets lol I've had this demo since 2010 and now I want to share it with someone who can give me a new Britney audio This was going to be the album version but the producers (The Outsyders) changed the pitch and tempo almost last minute, just before the single came out because it sounded too "radio friendly" and "over-pitched" according to Britney team. It's basically the Britney For The Record version (when she was singing in the studio), this demo has the same pitch and tempo + the vocals sounds different since you can hear new backing vocals. The instrumental is clearly different, the album instrumental sounds remastered. This demo lasts 03:21 min, the album version lasts 03:42. The "But I can't 'cause we don't, you..." part sounds interesting tbh https://soundcloud.com/rhaullll/britney-spears-womanizer-original-2008-demo-snippets If u want more snippets I'll upload them on Soundcloud!
  2. https://soundcloud.c...-hq-live-vocals Obviously this is fanmade I hope you like it... I worked a lot on this. If you want I will do more songs like that! ENJOY THESE FAKE LIVE VOCALS fake breathing included