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  1. Everything apart from Outta This World. Seriously, seven years later I still can't believe how consistently flawless the entire album is
  2. I always kinda thought Someday was the most similar to Everytime and to this day it's the only song I rate as highly
  3. I don't think it would be a bestseller but I do think it would be moderately successful for a short while
  4. 1.) Amazing personality (when she chooses to show it) 2.) Incredible strength 3.) Iconic career
  5. I'm stuck between DWAD and TOH but TOH covers more albums, so that's what I chose.
  6. Scary Gasoline Tik Tik Boom Mannequin Heart BOYS!!!!!
  7. Love it! Screw Jordan, he needs us, we don't need him.
  8. I'm nearly 25! And I've been a fan since day one
  9. I can't decide between the GH:MP singles. Her rebellious attitude was amazing back then and it looked as though it was going to spill over into album 5 before the breakdown happened. Even though she wasn't working as much, it was such an exciting time to be a fan
  10. I love it for a lot of reasons. I love most of the album, I love the tour, I love the photoshoots... plus, FTR was the last time until the start of the BJ era that Britney really seemed like "Britney"
  11. It's strange, this was the era I have been most excited for since ITZ and it's the worst era she ever had. Hopefully she will do what a lot of people do when they flop hard and try extra hard for album 9
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