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  1. Happy Birthday GodneySlays!

  2. Blackout is not my favorite either. That doesn't make you a flop fan [emoji136] #TeamITZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The high road - JoJo Halcyon days - Ellie Goulding Demi - Demi Lovato Long way down - Tom Odell Kiss me once - Kylie Minogue Ceremonials - Florence and the machine Ciara - Ciara Most wanted - Hilary duff
  4. nah he's only looking for attention
  5. I love SMS (BANGERZ) and I love Miley but idk what if her management just forced her to collab with Miley 😶(They share the same management so... who knows?)
  6. Because she's very very cool and fun [emoji172]
  7. Shattered glass, trouble, phonography, circus idk I love the whole album [emoji39]
  8. I don't hate him. [emoji5]ï¸
  9. Twitter: [Hidden Content] lastfm: godneyslays [emoji5]ï¸
  10. I kinda feel the same about him. I had my hopes up and I was okay with him producing Britney Jean bc he said he'd let Britney take control of her music but he clearly didn't
  11. [emoji88][emoji88][emoji88][emoji88]