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  1. TOTALLY! l didn't want to say it because I know a lot of fans hate the Selena comparisons, but sometimes DYWCO reminds me M&MG. I actually searched if it ws written or produced by the same people haha
  2. This is exactly what I think! This song is amazing!!!! I'm so happy because even though I think PS is good, I didn't like it that much and clumsy is a meh... for me MM and DYWCO are my favorite ones so far!
  3. The first thing I thought when I heard it! I'm loving this song! I think this is my favorite one, so far! (Not counting the JLM snippet, that thing slayed me!)
  4. 21 Always liked her music, but I became a fan after GM and VMA 07
  5. I KNOOOW! I'M A FLOP FAN! I'm listening over and over again so I can get in love with it! I'm trying! By the way... when I first heard Me Too from Meghan Trainor I thought it was trash and that it wasn't single potential... and now I hear it 24/7 on the radio...
  6. I think it's an okay song, I like it, but I don't love it, and I don't see it as single potential, it sounds nothing like the songs on the radio... And it's really sad because I want to love it so much! But I just can't...
  7. When I heard Britney was working with the writers of Good for you I got really excited because I love that song and wanted a Britney song with that style, so you can imagine how much i was fangirling when I heard this song, I really hope it's Britney!
  8. I'm really scared that ends up being not Britney, because it sounds really good and i'm falling in love with this song!
  10. I fear that too! Since I heard the snippet it became my favorite song of Glory, so far and i'm scared that it wont be on the album, because I already felt in love with it
  12. When I first heard it on the commercial for the fragance I wasn't really into it, but daaaamn! now that I heard the whole song, i'm slayed! Didn't expect it!
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