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  1. Team Britney should have been listening to the fans/Britney since she was recording Circus She always seems to have the best ideas for the albums then her team and the record execs step in and choose something safe instead. Britney's unreleased songs are almost always better than most tracks that make the albums.
  2. This song is really just kind of.. weird. It's by no means bad but if that's the first single the album may be a The Fame -> Born This Way situation.
  3. Gasoline, tho? Phonography is one of her best, but that basic Toxic wannabe should have never been
  4. This really isn't the best news for me, honestly Circus and Femme Fatale are both good/mediocre albums, imho Blackout and ITZ are the sounds she should be emulating.
  5. This really isn't the best news for me, honestly Circus and Femme Fatale are both just good/mediocre albums, imho. Single songs off both records were awesome but the entire LPs just kind of fall flat. Blackout and ITZ are the sounds she should be emulating.
  6. Yes, yes a million times.. Yes! Kylie deserves to work with Britney because she has done nothing but stan for Britney- enough said!
  7. This article is really incredibly true, but obviously written by a big Britney fan
  8. Not only should Britney work with Gwen - she should work on album 9 with a lot of the producers from L.A.M.B. Dallas Austin, Linda Perry (she's semi-confirmed to be working with her), Pharrell, Nellee Hooper Not at ALL here for Iggy - her 15 mins of fame are going to be up so fast (most likely) and it's too obvious of a grab at chart success. Katy's a little better, but just a bit.
  9. It's because Primeney never really "came back" - she's just a different person now after the breakdown We get glimpses of Primeney and people like to throw that Britney's "back"
  10. Honestly, who cares? She's obviously a hater, and you guys dragging her is only going to make her more likely to drag Britney and her line in the future.
  11. Thanks for posting, really hope it's true.. But who's saying the kid's telling the truth? I mean, it's kind of common sense if they let will.i.am anywhere near the record we'll have their heads but he's just expecting us to go by his word
  12. Wtf? No That Basic Perry/Kesha/Jessie J album (minus a few key tracks) doesn't touch one of the greatest pop records of all time.
  13. The track kind of isn't finished, tho. The verses are only 2 lines each The track is HOT tho