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  1. RT @BourbouzeFelipe: A las personas generosas hay q agradecerles la intención de ayudar👇 https://t.co/kPuKKkF1dC

  2. RT @ParisHilton: Marvel: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Me: https://t.co/4rxIDOccu6

  3. Hovey Benjamin - Pay You Back In Sex (Official Video) https://t.co/cx5Lz7ZvLR via @YouTube my sex game better than my cash game

  4. RT @lelsasbian: @AshHamlin @TheEllenShow change ur nick to yeehaw lesbian!!! instead of halloween lesbian

  5. RT @JPOrtizMoreno: La claridad de #GabrielaMistral Este país será mejor a medida que la imagen de Gabriela siga liberándose y creciendo ht…

  6. RT @jaketapper: YouTube employee tells us what she saw and heard https://t.co/8Gyb5Jab6p @TheLeadCNN

  7. RT @codyspearz: https://t.co/DmZP6f7bOY

  8. RT @hoaxeye: @BestEarthPix That’s actually a data visualization. Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twit…

  9. RT @CNN: "I'm supposed to be recovering ... and I can't do that if these things are still going to be happening." Using cell phones, six P…

  10. RT @CiempoMemes: ?? High School Musical ?? High School Musical ?? High School Musical ?? High School Musical ?? High School Musical ??…

  11. RT @l_love_nature: The skeleton of a king cobra. https://t.co/kYRzYk3QEX

  12. @chairon03 @Watchout123453 Amazing

  13. RT @Finkypopp: @HybridFan3 @britneyspears daddy omg

  14. RT @livingkami: Kids today will never understand the struggle of watching anime in 8 minute 3 part clips at 480p on youtube https://t.co/oE…

  15. My mom when on anti depressants https://t.co/j9x9DiYcj3

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