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  1. An amazing moment for a Britney fan tbh. Finally a 'TRULY' happy Britney. That's what i've been waiting to see since 2008. She's such an inspiration.
  2. She doesn't sing live because she doesn't have to. Her choice of not singing live in her prime was more acceptable cause at least she was dancing passionately but after the breakdown she doesn't dance like she used to (i can't deny that her dancing is so much better now) and she doesn't sing her songs live and furthermore she doesn't even use pre-recorded vocals. We listen to the vocals of 16 year old Britney. This is just ridiculous but not surprising, at the end of the day she is still earning money. She has millions of fans. People are still going to Vegas to see her show. So why she should change it now? Money is all that matters. She doesn't care that people see her as a joke.
  3. There were some photos which fans were hugging her too but this is more shocking because she actually put her arm on his shoulder wow lol
  4. Wow...thanks for posting i've never seen this. Britney deserves to be more respected in the industry for her influences on other artists and also her experiences.
  5. I'd prefer something new not a cover but anyway it's still exciting that she's worked with him.
  6. Oh what can i say? I'm in heaven. So happy that she gave us another masterpiece. On the other hand the lyrics really shocked me. So sad, honest and devastating, kinda anti-vespertine. It's really great that she shared her pain and healing process with her fans.
  7. The only thing that caught my attention was medication part. It is really getting annoying that everyone seems to have an idea what medication she is taking. It's not even funny. Seroquel is a very strong medication and has multiple side effects. Just imagining her taking that makes me sad. whatever just another fake article
  8. He said this probably because you know BJ is announced as Britney' most personal album. She has writing credits in each song on the album. ROL has the deepest lyrics Madonna has ever written untill then. About ROL being overrated, yes it wasn't an original album tbh ( listen to Homogenic by Björk that was released a year before ROL and you'll see) but she did something different from her old albums and the result was successful. But i don't think BJ was that different from Britney' previous albums. The idea was good but the result wasn't.
  9. Social anxiety can really destroy your mind and it is misunderstood by many people. Actually all mental illnesses are misunderstood by people. Even if Britney has it (imo she has it), it's very wrong that everyone who met her talking about it like they know her. It's a sensitive and private issue. Anyway i think Britney is doing great.
  10. Don't care about the comments. People love to hate. That's how society is in every aspect of life.
  11. Shake It Out by florence and the machine. Their voices are really different but i think the lyrics are related to her.
  12. Idk but i can't even look at the 2007ney pics. It reminds me the bad memories and my worries. But then it also makes me realise how strong woman she is.
  13. Mte. Kevin was just lucky that he met her while she was feeling hopeless.
  14. "#neverforget" lol..hell no..most people want to forget. The only good thing about this marrige is her lovely kids.
  15. She should date someone who is humble unlike Justin, who is wealthy unlike Kevin and David and who will excite her and make her feel young unlike Jason. So yeah i kinda expect her to date the perfect man lol.
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