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  1. Happy Birthday TØXIC!

  2. Same. Those animations show no clear representation because the "bigger nose" that is on those animations is way bigger than her nose has ever been.
  3. She may have gotten the tip of her nose slightly pinched IF anything. But she definitely has not messed with the bridge of her nose or any edges. So that's techinally not considered a nose job. No bones were altered or broken to create a slimmer or different shape.
  4. I'm actually thinking she has a brand new makeup artist, because last night there seemed to be a lot less, maybe even no nose contouring. And she also brought back serious Circus / In the Zone teas with that makeup and face. I'm assuming she has a new artist.
  5. I still don't think she got a nose job. Because in candids her nose looks the same as if always has to me. Only in appearances, etc. it looks slimmer. I believe its all contouring and makeup. And besides, back in 2003, during an interview the interviewer asked what she would change about herself & she said her nose. So 10 years later, what's so wrong about her getting something done if she wants it done?
  6. Yes she was serving major Circus tour teas. During the BOMT/OIDIA section she was serving some Onyx Hotel Tour teas in the face and hair!
  7. I expect this album 9 era to be close to the Femme Fatale era as far as chart performance. Not saying it will be that big at all, but hopefully close to it. I don't think she'll gain a lot of weight and look tired for album 9 promo, tho. I think she's in a happier, healthier place now. Maybe she'll resemble Circusney more this era. Maybe a few magazine covers, at least one or two decent sized hits. Good selling album, maybe a tv performance? GMA would be the most plausible. Nothing huge. I also expect Her to get her sexy pop sound back, not so dull like most of BJ. More in the zone, femme fatale level sexiness. Voice and musical sound, that is. Not image.
  8. If this is being introduced and promoted as a brand new "big celebrity" perfume, it's probably selling very fast.
  9. Ok she legit looks like the face of 2005 right there. The gym pic. It's a terrible pic of her but is it just me or is the original britney face returning?
  10. The weird thing is that here in Louisiana I always hear new britney music on huge radio stations (like KIIS FM and stuff) when new music is released. They played WB a ton & Perfume a good bit.
  11. Right now, there are four songs that need to be desperately changed. They're tired and annoying to say the least. 1. Womanizer. This routine is so annoying to me. They need to completely get rid of this song and change it out with "Hold It Against Me" with a very melodic and fluid routine. None of this robot shit that's happening right now. That alone could turn the show around. 2. I Wanna Go. The song itself is amazing and the section is happy and energetic. The only thing is that maybe on a few nights, switch around the song with, say, "If U Seek Amy" to refreshen the energy and sound a bit. 3. Boys. This song is far too overlooked as of now. It's just there. Nothing special about it. We need a new, more bright performance with this section. Maybe add in "Overprotected" in it's place. 4. Perfume. Just add in a different song. More melodic and mid tempo. Perfume is not cutting it anymore. Not at all. Songs like "Criminal" or even a simple cover of one of her favorite songs. One the crowd actually knows. Criminal is so easy to sing along to and the crowd would have fun jamming to it. Others that need to be changed later on should be Break the Ice, Do Somethin', and 3. Maybe swap out Break the Ice with Radar to give her a more uptempo and sassy way of performing in that section. Simple, but effective choreography would be amazing. Change out Do Somethin' with maybe My Prerogative. Keep the chairs, but new choreography. 3 needs a change up so bad. Once the new era starts, replace it with the new single, or the Moroder track and BAM. Great show.
  12. You say you don't care, but then they'll ignore us even more during the months of pushing back the era. Then that'll lead to you complaining again. We don't deserve any information. Obviously they aren't ready to announce or hint at anything. Before BJ, britney always tweeted that she's in the studio recording, or talked about something involving the album. We got a lot of information when she was ready to say something. Give it time.