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    First and foremost, God. Rock music in all its genres: Heavy, Hard, Death, Speed, Power, Punk, Grunge, Thrash. I am a drummer myself and I have my own band. I love coffee, mountain bikes and a lot of video games. I am straight, deeply in love with women, and of course, I love Britney Spears.
  1. Happy Birthday chrisnajar!

  2. Guys, might be a stupid question... but I want some answers.. The SETLIST... how about it? Does it change every show, or every leg ? There are some particular songs that I would really LOVE to listen to... gems like 'Deep In My Heart' and 'I Will Be There' from BOMT (2 of my favorites of all time), 'Don't Go Knockin' On My Door', 'What U See Is What U Get', 'When I Found You', 'Before The Goodbye', 'Autumn Goodbye', 'Touch Of My Hand', 'Heaven On Earth', 'Mmm Papi' and of course 'Now That I Found You'. You know where I'm driving at. Not common singles or popular songs.. but those hidden gems we have in all her albums... do we get any of that in Vegas? 'I Will Be There' would totally make my whole trip worth the cost.
  3. Finally getting to see Britney live on May 8th 2015 !!

  4. Thank you all for such nice replies!! I was not expecting these many, you guys are pretty cool. It's still a long time for that... but yeah, I'll do my best to post some pictures if the gorilla does not screw my camera
  5. I live in Costa Rica. A very small country that goes unnoticed most of the times. Some Americans think of Costa Rica as "Puerto Rico". I don't know why. Britney came here in 2008 with Mel Gibson, she was in a private beach residence from Mel. She was in Guanacaste.
  6. I will probably have questions as the event draws near. One of the things I always wonder is whether we can take pictures and video with cell phones without having a gorilla kicking you out of the show. I have never been in a concert in the US so I have no freaking idea how things work there.
  7. Well, first of all, hello! It's been ages ever since the last time I was here. I'm sorry guys, I am always super busy with my job, church, and daily activities. I am happy that my account is still working. If you read some of my stuff you know that I was opposed to the Vegas residency since day one. For non US residents Vegas is a somewhat expensive and difficult place to go to. When the M&G and its astounding cost was announced, I finally gave up on the idea of ever seeing Britney. As you all probably know, Mariah Carey (my other favorite artist) will run a residency in Vegas. A shorter one, but residence indeed. She promised a big announcement but since she is getting through a painful divorce (poor Mimi... I love you baby) I thought the announcement had to do with that... like retiring from the scene for some time. To my surprise, she announced a brief residence to fill the spot that Celine Dion is leaving for some time at Caesar's Palace. When I knew of this (less than a week ago) I felt a strong and sudden urgency to go to Vegas. When will I get the chance to have both Britney fucking Spears and Mariah fucking Carey together in the same place? It's like a total solar eclipse, or Halley Comet. Such things only happen once in your life, and you must respond by taking the opportunity and just go. I became an instant fan of Britney ever since I listened to Baby One More Time on the radio when I was washing my car in an afternoon back in 1998. I have all her albums and DVDs, and have loved her and defended her ever since. But before I ever knew of Britney, there was Mariah Carey, with at least 6 albums I knew very well when Britney came to the scene. Mariah Carey, Emotions, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream and Butterfly were already in my shelf. I loved Mariah deeply, as I love her today. The dream became real for me when I got my tickets for both shows last Friday. I will see Britney on May 8th, and Mariah on May 10th. You guys have no idea the feelings I have right now. It's something magical and I will do my best to make the best of this trip. I am going to see my two girls, live, after these many years. It's unbelievable. This is definitely putting the cherry on top of the cake, because I am a metal guy who has seen his favorite bands playing in my homeland. Iron Maiden, Slayer, Green Day, Megadeth and Metallica just to name a few. BUT FINALLY, MARIAH CAREY AND BRITNEY SPEARS WILL BE REAL FOR ME. It took 17 years of loving Britney to finally see her. And 25 years after Mariah's debut to finally see her. A lot of time. I have been a silent voice stanning for these two women and they don't even know someone in Costa Rica loves them this much. I have a lot of planning and research to do in regards to hotels, accommodations and everything... but I have some little time ahead. So I will get to it in time. So Vegas, you win. Here I come. My two precious ladies await. I know that must of you probably don' give two fucks about this story. But I really wanted to share it with you guys. I came back to the forum just for that. Cheers !!!
  8. Dude... the special edition of the DVD is just $40 in Amazon and it has: -Making of "Crossroads" - 40 Days with Britney -7 Deleted Scenes with On-Camera Introductions by Tamra Davis -"Overprotected" Exclusive Darkchild Remix Music Video -"I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" Music Video -Photo Gallery -Britney's DVD Welcome -First in Line - Inside the "Crossroads" Premiere -Break Through Britney - Fun facts and inside comments accessed during the movie -Sing Along with Britney - Karaoke Videos for "Overprotected" and "I'm Not a Girl" -Edit Your Own Music Video -Taryn's T-Shirts - How to make the t-shirts from the "I Love Rock n' Roll" karaoke scene How is that "so much money" ? http://www.amazon.com/Britney-Spears-CROSSROADS-Special-Collectors/dp/B00005JKWM/ref=sr_1_4?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1407722269&sr=1-4&keywords=crossroads $12.99 at ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-FACTORY-SEALED-Crossroads-DVD-2002-R1-WS-Britney-Spears-OOP-/141371562943?pt=US_DVD_HD_DVD_Blu_ray&hash=item20ea66dbbf By no means any of that is expensive.
  9. Well, doing what needs to be done is not bad, as long as you don't freak out too much... like you know, throwing stuff at others, screaming or reaching a critical mass.. hahaha. That is much better than lazy people who never do what they have to do. About moving, I am a drummer myself so I am always hitting my belly or thighs with my palms, or hitting the desk at the office with my fingers, while listening to music. It's a hell of a fun for me but not so much for the people around who look at me in disbelief. My close colleagues are used to that now... they see me most of the time moving my feet and hands and they know what I'm doing, they just don't react anymore. However I think that others see me like a weirdo. I don't care, but still...
  10. No need to think about that. Door must be closed before start. Because if you let that open you might let something in. Or the door could shut suddenly. As I said, the worst part is when you have to get out of the room for some reason. Because you might be scared enough and chances are your mind will trick you into something. Also, when you look at scary stuff like movies, videos related to witchcraft or satanism or evil things, you are certainly opening doors for those things to come to you. It's like inviting those things. I watched The Conjuring all alone at home. F*ck that was scary.
  11. (1) I do believe in God, and I don't fear the Illuminati trend. Of course He protects us from all evil. (2) Not only that people. Her father is an asshole if you ask me. I think that man is milking Britney to the highest possible extent. He pretends to be a manager, a c-ship party and the loveliest father ever, but I really believe his motives are dark. He doesn't care about her daughter, he only wants her to produce money for him and the rest of the family, but I don't think he gives a f*ck about her. He's a hypocrite. I have read some rumours about him abusing Britney. That guy is nasty, and I don't like him. (3) I don't think she can quit that easy. Not only she is tied by legal contracts, but also she has the obligation to produce money because she has to give monthly money to K-Fed for support of her children due to c-ship. So even though she would love to quit and leave all this behind, she can't. At least not now. And I don't think her father and mother want her to quit now. They are rich and I don't think they want to give up their wealthy lifestyle. They live out of her. Gosh, I dislike them so much. (4) The industry is absolutely evil. People ought to be blind not to see it. It's so blatant. Michael Jackson was killed. Remember his angry rant against Tommy Mottola. He was later killed. Do you think Whitney Houston died because she was high or drunk that night? Bullshit. Why did all evil managers and people in the business where feasting some floors below Whitney's room, and they did forbid the police to take control of Whitney's body for eleven hours? What were they feasting about, even though they knew Whitney was already dead? Man, those people are evil. They are satanic. They have pacts with Satan. And you can go down the list, Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus (which has not died yet but has reached the lowest morality), etc. (5) I am not offended at all buddy. I am in God's side.
  12. There is much more out there than some of us allow ourselves to see. Even when you think that artists have full control of their careers, they don't. There are managers, producers and big money guys who are behind of all that. You just receive a very small portion of the picture. There are many evil things in the music industry that is overwhelmingly undeniable. It's not only "illuminati" symbolism but very negative messages inserted in many videos, from k-pop to american music. It's all there. I respect your point of view. But trust me, we just have a piece of the cake. Just one. There's a lot more stuff going on than you think. As I said before, none of these statements are about Britney being evil or anything. Probably she is just naive about all this as most people are.
  13. Anyone in here has weird / rare / unusual habits that can share? It would be funny to read what those are! I have one: watching scary stuff at night. Looking at scary stuff is like a rush that I love to feel before going to bed. I know... it's weird, but this is precisely what the post is about. Lots of people watch tons of pornography before going to bed. Not me. I like to look for scary things. The range of scary videos is soooo wide. Ghosts, objects that move in a house for no apparent reason, shadows, pictures that are taken and later when revealed there are faces on them... UFOs, scary phone calls (usually from dead people), screams from hell, reversed music with apparent satanic messages... So what I do when I get into one of those marathons is to first do all the tasks that I have to do outside my bedroom. For example, feeding the dog, brushing my teeth, peeing, making sure that all doors are locked properly, making sure that no electric appliances are connected (like the kitchen, microwave, etc) and once I notice that everything is set, I get into my room, lock my door and that's when the show begins. I'm supposed not to come out of my bedroom until next day. Sometimes is a scary movie. So I turn off the lights, and start watching stuff. I have 3 Britney posters in my room and when the light goes down you can barely see her face. So one of my fears is that one of those nights she will move her face or eyes in an evil way. Sometimes I feel like an ugly hand with long fingernails is going to touch my back. Then I might feel that the same is going to happen, but with my feet. Like some entity is going to grab my feet when I step out of the bed. The worst part is when I hear a strange noise outside my room. Like in the living room or the porch. Not something evil, but probably a cat, or the wind. So I cannot sleep unless I check again that everything is in order... who knows... there can be a burglar outside. So opening the door and seeing the house in darkness is like the movie Paranormal Activity. You have the sensation that the lamps are moving and that something is watching you. You are afraid of watching certain areas of the house like the sofas or the mirrors (a piece of advice: don't ever look to a mirror by night!) because you might see an ugly face or something much worse. What about that sensation that you feel when you turn off the lights in the house and as you rush to your bedroom you feel that something is going to grab you from behind? Well, I have news. You feel something weird, because there is actually something there. It won't touch you, but you feel its presence. Maybe one day I'll talk about it. Any weird habits anyone?