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  1. Please buy the original sound recording. You are probably listening to a leaked mp3 zippyshare version LOL
  2. UGH... Old B**ch Barbra is selling a ticket+CD bundle and is rumored to debut #1 with 150K sales... Glory would debut at #3 if this is true Source: Hits Daily Doble. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=302774
  3. mm we already knew it would be Sept 14th because that's the release date for the Japan Exclusive Version which features "Mood Ring". The song alone will be available worldwide tho. (hopefully)
  4. "We must respect Britney's decision" NO We pay for her music and we get garbage safe-for-4y.o.-kids videos
  5. It's very addictive and sounds fresh and experimental. I love it!
  6. That's what I think. Britney needs to get her ass back from Hawaii and PROMOTE. I know all that "she's a mom now, she's in a good place, blah blah" but this lack of interest seems like a mediocre effort
  7. I just read Barbra Streisand will release her new album the same day as Britney (Aug 26th). Can she block "Glory" from getting her well deserved #1 on Billboard? I know Barbra not a "pop artist" but she's the female act with most #1 albums (9, Britney has 6) and grandpas love her music Please discuss..
  8. Streaming +30 secs is enough to count as 1 stream. Also, if you save the song (Spotify Premium), every play still counts to the official streaming count. Source: SPOTIFY https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Accounts-and-Subscriptions/When-and-how-does-Spotify-count-songs-as-quot-listened-to-quot/m-p/952243/highlight/true#M120586
  9. Happy Birthday willy2ec!