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  1. Just my opinion and I don't care if people think it's rude. I didn't bash the person. I just said what I thought which is better than lying.
  2. I place my bet on September 2016 with an album around November 2016 just like BJ. I hope I'm wrong tho
  3. well that were 7,35minutes I never will get back... Horrible editing, horrible pitch change of the Oops part. Rock'n Roll sounded like crap too Slave breakdown is like played by a kid in a garage with a drum set TOMH intro sounds like a chinese song. Please this doesn't even deserve to be called "bbma studio version". If Simon Ellis made it, he would share it the sooner or later but it's probably Delcore who made it since they are in charge for POM.
  4. lol remember that dancer having the breakdown of WOMANIZER on her snapchat during rehearsals? Womanizer is defo in it.
  5. well FF, Blackoutand basically every single ahs leaked and yet were hits lmao. Leaks don't affect sales. Leaks are a marketing move. Rebellion simply hasn't leaked because they don't want it to leak, any other song that did leak is because they LET IT LEAK ON PURPOSE. Do you really think somebody like you or me could hack in their hard drives, or a producer that leaks shit? Come on people... LEAKS ARE A PART OF A STRATEGY.
  6. We know there's a single, we know it was meant to be premiered this weekend and we know it's pushed back for only like 2 months. Yet, it didn't leak. All her previous single's have leaked since A LONG TIME... I think that's odd, now if only somebody would leak it
  7. now THAT would actually epic AF!
  8. What IF Britney will ANNOUNCE a single on the BBMAs? Instead of premiering one, announcing a single after a performance would be smart as well ... Would fit perfectly in her acceptence speech I just cannot believe she will take the stage, get the award and "bye felicia".
  9. I never sa someone claiming Britney has an has been? I love her so muchbut it ain't really clever to let this buzz and hype die lol
  10. they're all probably laughing at us for losing our sht for nothing
  11. is it me or is it ODD this is only minutes after the meltdown cause by B97 ? ...
  12. let's face it. I always kept believing in it, but now I'm giving up. NOTHING IS COMING. Pretty Girls 2.0 is coming. However they're not reliable so I don't believe that June/July thing. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET A REPLY OF SONY THAT FAST THO (maybe just maybe they got attacked by Sony by spilling the D)
  13. Times like this reminds on me the negative effects of being a Britney fan -.-
  14. You're allt oo kind! I'm being way to harsh on myself
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