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  1. My only chance is like, Paris, so yeah. One in a million chance, i think.
  2. why do people still care it the song is flop or not, it's 2016 enjoy the damn music
  3. we deserve this not crossroads 2.0 although it's kinda cute i guess
  4. she's my new drug tbh and i mean if britney uploaded something like this, like for everytime from vegas, would you be down for this
  5. britney did something like this, would you support it tbh
  6. which account is for the main site and britney news? I want to follow.
  7. look at my eyes, look at my hands, my face, look at my chest, my legs and all this can be yours
  8. I'm having a panic attack and can barely breathe, i want to cry out of joy. God someone hold me
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