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  1. I hope it's not just for some "INTIMATE" stuff. This should be used for something better I LOVE this new sexy HOT mommy b!tch Britney
  2. I still can't get over the fact that the bottle looks cheap af and that they ditched the "crystals".
  3. Britney's DANCERS Brit is probably joining a day before the next leg starts The first few shows are going to be messy I guess
  4. What kind of Britney/Madonna teas Me against the music original choreo for POM confirmed
  5. Hun you should check your eyeballs...it's right there after Stronger/Crazy @ act 7
  6. all I'm sayin' why does it not even look like all the other ones? this is getting REALLY messy
  7. PG CHOREO? OK I'll get myself ready for a lot of walking from left to right, armney and sprinkles of choreo here and there.
  8. Sure she is going to promote them...like on Twitter and Facebook
  9. Brit didn't even promote/perform Criminal when it was a single...she is not going to start now Also My Prerogative? yeah sure
  10. She probably lost her cue cards for her speech on the way so she decided to stay at home.
  11. Since she is allowed sh!t to do outside of Vegas I actually hope she releases a EP And since she is not going to promote it it's better if we can say "well that was just an EP". I can't handle another flop like BJ.
  12. You mean the 20 seconds of ACTUAL choreo? Yeah she does slay that bit. Not here for walkingney tho
  13. OK what is going on here? Was gone for a second and this is turning into Exhell?! Guys keep it cute...we all have your bitchy days.
  14. Flawless idea!!! Not gonna happen in 1000 years but still FLAWLESS!
  15. She is able but not willing to do so. The last time she added a song she brought out a CHAIR to sit on.
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