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  1. Melanie is doing her makeup, yesssss!!! No Glenn Nutley today, Lorenzo Martin is doing her hair.
  2. She slayed MATM and I bet we won't see it in full https://instagram.com/p/89HJkInjRC/ https://instagram.com/p/89JwS2HjWW/ Boys and Freakshow were also fierce: https://instagram.com/p/89GFeinje4/
  3. It's still a new outfit tho. Now it is see-through and the chest area is black.
  4. She's not going/calling. Only one person out of all the listeners heard that? They would've announced it if it was real.
  5. This video isn't from this leg, she's wearing the old shoes. It's probably from March.
  6. https://twitter.com/iggyazalea/status/595091995086823425
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