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  1. There's a new Dutch television show called "Dance Dance Dance", from the creators of "The Voice". In this show there are 5 couples consisting of each a Dutch celebrity and either a colleague, partner or child of the celebrity. These couples don't have (or barely have) any background in dancing and are put on heavy training for three months. After these months, they will have to perform to a live audience and professional jury in six shows. Captain of the jury is Timor Steffens who has danced for Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Beyoncé. Also on the judging panel is Dan Karaty who has choreographed for our own queen Britney Spears Each couple does one couples performance and one solo performance each show. The purpose of the show is to recreate iconic music videos or dance scenes from films. In this production some of the biggest choreographers help with the styles/choreographies/staging and there has been a worldwide audition for dancers to participate on the show as background dancers. This show might be going global next after the huge success of "The Voice". Anyway, tonight was the first show and Britney was featured in it twice. Her music was also used a lot in the background during behind the scenes footage. Queen!! "Me Against The Music" Performance "Womanizer" performance The "Me Against The Music" performance was sick!! It actually got that couple the highest points of the night. Deservedly so. The Womanizer performance was fun too. Don't forget that these people started from scratch and had to learn how to pick up choreography and dance within three months while working full time jobs. What do y'all think? I love this show. Hope it goes global, like "The Voice" did after it debuted here in The Netherlands. Hope to see more of Britney this season. Will post here if that's the case.
  2. The IUSA heels are absolutely gorgeous. She looked so hot in that video.
  3. You're welcome. Hope I did a good job.
  4. Edited the post with a new video containing the intro that the video has too. PM me if you want a download link to the audio.
  5. Hey y'all Don't know if there's any out there or if anyone is still looking for a good studio audio version of the video remix. If anyone's still looking for one, I made one. Hope you guys like it. *edit: the video might be blocked by YouTube in some countries*
  6. I thought her contract stated she couldn't do any actual shows in North America. And with actual shows, I mean a full headlining show where tickets will need to be sold for. Promotional performances, like the BBMA, are fine.
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