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  1. Beatrice Miller can suck a cock. Britney didn't want her lesbian ass, #teamRoseSonenclar ftw.
  2. flawless hit that got away. she would have torn me a new pussy the way that this song would have slayed the charts.
  3. What did you s expect She better get some new outfits and work that ass out for when I see her in the fall. Maybe the first leg next year she will change it up.
  4. YAS BITCH she betta stan. Get that bitch to buy BritBrit's whole discog
  5. YAS GURL. He needs to stay in the bathtub with a razor. Toss up that salad and then toss my hole up YASSS
  6. YAS hunny. You better take that Holy Spears cum and create a new Spears
  7. I wish he didn't look so gross. Otherwise, lose some fat and I'd like to taste his dick.
  8. Pepsi has become total shit ever since Bleachonce started working for them.
  9. i would have dropped my panties and fingered myself to the song
  10. he's hideous but may GODNEY bless him by making him a little bit less ugly for his flawless taste
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