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  1. The judge better side with Lynne on this one or I'm convinced she's corrupt
  2. She's obviously not being held captive and being tortured or whatever. We obviously know there are a lot of restrictions in her life but it's not like she can't ask to go on vacation or to the store if she wants to. I feel like the crazy conspiracy theories discredit the #FreeBritney movement because there's already so much factual information on the shady conservatorship and it's dealings that there doesn't need to be these outrageous theories driving people away from the truth of the movement.
  3. Oh my gosh I hope it's true but I doubt it!
  4. I'm surprised at how bad these unreleased songs are... I know it's not 2002 anymore and Britney isn't the biggest superstar in the world but she's a legend. I expect producers to give her solid songs and these ain't it.
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