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  1. I agree with what i am reading and circus is way more personal and so much better than britney jean so far. Circus talks about her being a performer(circus)r, K-fed (womanizer and shattered glass), her kids (my baby), media (kill the lights), herself (mannequin , blur clearly about her 07 era etc), Jason (unusual you) and it even talks about....uuuuu sillies out from under a cover not personal? k-fed? its about Justin Timberlake on a soft way. but she would never admit it. "You keep coming back to tell me You're the one who could've been. And my eyes see it all so clear It was long ago and far away but it never disappears." enough said But I still find In the Zone the most personal, and the best britney album. She even wrote songs for it (truly, not fake "writes"). And..that era..jesus..she was perfect back then, i still remember the way she used to smile, danceeeee her as*s off on stage and her bright eyes. ok ok she improved a lot her moves on vegas, true story..but....