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Queen Regina

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  1. they did not have the same awards though It was always known that Celine would receive the Icon award and Britney the millenium award
  2. she better SHUT IT DOWN! If she kills it, her single will be a summer hit!
  3. yup! I want cleavageney so bad! This dress is really cute and she can wear a light make up which suits her better The haircut can be like the one that I posted or like this
  4. I need Versaceney to come back with that haircut + makeup
  5. I like this song. But if it is on the setlist, she better do the original dance breakdown!
  6. She should do a re-arrangement of songs such as OIDIA and BOMT + pre recorded vocals. She did before and it was LIT ! She will make the songs even more fresh and with a new choreo it will be better. At least, people will see that, contrary to some other artists, she doesn't always do the same things
  7. She is often in her instagram, you better ask her and her team directly there
  8. This bitch ass is not a new mod. That's Claude
  9. When there will be streaming links, I will watch it
  10. You said it so well I miss her