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  1. I know Kohl's has the 3.3oz as the tester, but they only sell the 1oz in the store and online. I looked at the Superdrugs UK website and they don't even list Fantasy Stage as something they sell. I am desperate to find the 3.3oz!!! If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  2. Good to know! Does anyone know about the 3.3oz for Fantasy Stage?
  3. I have been searching everywhere for 3.3 oz of both Fantasy Stage Edition and Rocker Femme Fantasy. Does anyone know where this is sold? I've searched on eBay, Amazon, etc. I can only find 1oz for Stage Edition and can't find RFF anywhere. Why do they make it so hard to buy this stuff? :fabrit: Any help is appreciated!
  4. I have always loved this video!
  5. I would lick Snoop Dog's face if it meant getting the full video...
  6. That 2007 photoshoot always intrigues me. Whenever I see a "leaked photo" post, I hope it is from this shoot.
  7. THIS. Someday slays my entire existence...
  8. I didn't think you were rude. I sincerely want these polls to be fun and for people to enjoy them.
  9. I'm not trying to say that everything is iconic. Just trying to make a fun poll for people to talk about what they like about the outfits in her videos. It's fun to share and hear why people like certain things about the videos. Would you prefer I say "Most Favorite Outift?"
  10. This is the fourth video where we will be choosing the most iconic outfit worn by the Queen. (For a full explanation, check out the original post: http://britney-galax...c-outfit-btmyh/) Which one of the following outfits do you think is the most iconic? White shirt and tan skirt: Jean jacket and jeans: Green top and jean shorts: Tan shirt and jeans:
  11. Yeah, I know the lyrics of all her songs, whether I like them or not.
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