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  1. Lol, I've accepted the fact that she's not going to promote as much anymore. I love her and always will no matter what. I'm still here after BJ, after all, where she did zero promo performances.
  2. I was thinking more album-wise. It was the last time she was heavily involved with her album. But I agree, it was a bad time for her.
  3. I never said that, though. I just said it could've been promoted more.
  4. Yeah, that's true. That's what I mean, though, as fans, we expected her to promote it more and be everywhere since that's what she did with her previous albums, which is why a lot of fans weren't that happy with it. Although it was an overall successful era, in the general public's eyes, the fans knew it could've been a lot better.
  5. I think from the outside looking in, it appeared to be successful as the singles were successful and it was a number 1 album; however, looking at it as a fan, they could've promoted it more and it wasn't as hyped up as her previous eras. I was happy with it, though.
  6. I love all of her eras (especially everything from Baby One More Time through Blackout), but I think the one that I really enjoyed was Britney. I remember recording every single special she did during that era.
  7. I want her to do an album where she's 100% involved and genuinely happy with the product so that she can be proud of it and have the will and drive for people to want to hear it (basically, for her to promote it because she's so proud of it). It seems like songs that she really digs/proud of are songs that she has written on. Also, I just registered today. Coming from Exhale. Greetings!