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  1. hunny you are talking about me having sex its weird that a 20 something man is talking about me do you really think I act like this in real life thats the majority of what you post hun, you whine about how bad your life is lol hunny you don't know me at all how an you say that you know that about me and i've actually had many hit threads on exhale since i left (to name a few: "Unpopular Opinions," "Michelle Bell to leak Take Off and Like I'm Fallin' Soon," etc. the toxic logic session didn't leak for another six months since i got it. But i heard you got it just a few weeks prior, is that right? hunny you keep saying i never learn but what do you mean?? im having a hard time figuring that out?? is it that i never learn to stop trolling?? idfk
  2. no... its the fact you called me (a 14 year old) a messy bottom im on spring break idc if yall still post about me thats just my legacy and why tf do you have to correct me lol "I'm not even in NC anymore" when will i learn? bitch you are not my mother you're a house bitch who stays home and plays vaporwave, and rant on a britney spears forum about how unfair your life is i just think its fun when someone else is doing the dragging
  3. no... there's not. Not that I know of. I lurk from time to time too. And his whiny posts are relevant, because he asked what I was doing with my life, and I turned it around on him. Whether they were sarcastic or not. I think my age is also relevant as it's a tad weird he called me a "messy bottom."
  4. wtf bitch im 14 why tf would you bring up a 14 year old's sex position and "learn my place?" do you seriously think you're better than me because you unofficially run a (failing) Britney Spears forum??? i usually go on here to download stems i do actually, last semester i became friends with a ton of people and im even friends with some of the more popular kids. next year im thinking about joining cheer. Last semester I earned a 3.9 GPA and am on track to do that again this semester. Yes! im a freshman hunny if you wanna talk about personal lives let me pull up some of your posts, as you're always complaining the kfc one made me cackle btw they threw COINS at you bitch no need to be so pissed off you rant to your internet friends was your thought process: "im gonna go home and rant about this to britney universe!" ???? But if you wanna talk about me, I just earned 3 college credits (i have a long way to go lol), and am deciding what career path i want to take obviously you didn't follow your own advice with staying in school... still working a domino's?
  5. I like how people are still checking for me even after I stopped posting here.

    Back to exhale - much better than this ghost town of a forum.

  6. Lmao I haven't lied since my Let It Go thread Hun. LET IT GO, that was two years ago.
  7. Awhile back I posted a snippet of Make Me (Ooh) on my SoundCloud. I was met with a couple of comments saying it wasn't real. Well, it just got removed from SoundCloud by SoundCloud.
  8. Passenger was playing at the LV airport last week so..
  9. Circuit


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