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  1. Yeah i think everyone knows there's no cure for it but It certainly is possible to live with HIV I wouldn't act any differently around him, maybe try speaking to him about it and let him educate you or tell you how he's feeling. I'm sure you've done this by now as this post was a while ago, it'd be interesting to get an update
  2. Yeah haha, are you talking about on here or when it was on Exhale? or both?
  3. Happy Birthday Harley Quinn!

    1. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      This is really cute, thanks x

  4. You guys know what to do. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/feature/a661228/who-is-the-queen-of-pop-vote-to-place-your-favourite-higher-on-the-ranking.html#~pk5SUzIvQEvroO
  5. Because it's dead, barely anyone is active in the general section
  6. I'd love to PM but I'm not that active on here
  7. Lol I'd love to see that considering she couldn't even do the TTWE back bend. Her treadmill workout seems a bit OTT, but I'm going to try it out tomorrow Except with double / treble everything, 15 minutes is nothing.
  8. I'll wait for a Blu-Ray rip, I cba going to see it
  9. Facebook, Exhale, Tumblr, Youtube, Ebay, Topman
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