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  1. amen. its been more than 10 years
  2. WHAT DATE ARE YOU GOING GIRL?!? i'm going this friday!!
  3. I want a tour. I can't take my 15 yrold sister to vegas so this bitch needa tour
  4. @Daydream, Mariah's fantasy YES! THANK YOU! I will try to sell at the show but I want to sell it before. It would be cool to go to the show with someone on here
  5. Guys, I have 1 ticket for sale! My friend couldn't go! I know its super last minute but if anyone wants to sit next to me VIP Reserved 25 | Row A Retail: $415 My price: $350 Stubhub Listing No. 1269233936 Email: [email protected]
  6. I MISS 2007 BRITNEY </3 she wasn't crazy until people told her she was crazy and broke down! I wanna party with 2007ney!! SHE WILL FOREVER BE THE MOST ICONIC BRITNEY EVER!!! GIMME MORE WAS THE BEST SONG OF THE DECADE! IT'S BRITNEY BITCH!!!
  7. hurry up. I have Giime more playing and I needa vote before my ratchetness goes away.
  8. making mixes bby. http://andrewmelonsuniverse.tumblr.com/
  9. Feel like this an appropriate place to place this link. http://andrewmelonsuniverse.tumblr.com/post/154317425146/till-the-world-ends-exclusive-soundboard
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