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  1. Happy Birthday Haseki_Mehmet_Sultan!

  2. BOMT: I Will Be There OIDIA: Satisfaction Britney: Lonely ITZ: The Hook Up, Breathe On Me Blackout: Get Naked Circus: Shattered Glass FF: HATLM
  3. Perfume was actually a good song that could make at least some of the GP realize that she can sing but it didn't get recognized as we hoped it would be
  4. Civil is really hard Hint please
  5. Slave 4 U Toxic Work Bitch BOMT OIDIA My Prerogative Do Somethin' MATM Overprotected Crazy No particular order
  6. So is Britney Galaxy - universe going to be a positive Britney fan site? and is Exhale like.. OVER?
  7. Cool, I'll try to write it as lovely as possible
  8. I really want to be involved but my creativeness is dead at the moment :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:
  9. Thanks, love you btw, you're the nicest and most flawless stan on Exhale :britwink: