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  1. Holy fuq what's going on here, Dance! First we realized that we both stan for 2ne1 and now this! :3 *heavy breathing*
  2. Maybe the second pic but the other. . Didnt know we have league players around here #implatin3 - let's make a Britney Universe ranked team!
  3. Hiii...is this the queue for the Tidal registration?!
  4. I hope this comeback will be good even without Jessica. Anyway get slayed in min9
  5. Holy moly thx for bringing up my wish to introduce 2ne1 ( yes I know I wrote CL but omfg shes gonna be the new and better Fergie :3 ). Let's all hope CL gonna kill Iggy/Nicky and forget about Missy again. Then we will see an US debut from 2NE1!! As already will.i.am stated 2ne1 will "Take The World On" kappa
  6. Yey, someone outta my country. I really like Mandy and her beautiful voice, even when she wll never be an international star! Btw this week Germany's "American Idol" starts and she is one of the judges. Hope she will release some new stuff soon. It's been a pretty long time since her last album came out. Next Artist: maybe CL from 2NE1?
  7. Fuq this shiet, i just saw the full album on soundcloud, went afk 10min and then my everything literally was deleted when I wanted to hear it. Good that her album is coming out in 10min in Germany! Slay it lil eleven year old looking chinese gurl!