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    Happy Birthday enzo!

  2. Her energy, enthusiasm, and attitude tonight were all on-point!! I hope she brings it tonight at the BBMAs.
  3. Pretty Girls has also fallen to #3 on iTunes. I wonder how Pretty Girls will debut on the Billboard Hot 100.
  4. She looks beautiful! I wish she mentioned Pretty Girls though
  5. It really does. Can't wait to hear it on the radio!
  6. SHE WAS ON FIRE. I hope she brings this kind of energy and enthusiasm to the BBMAs!
  7. I liked it! I usually hate covers of Everytime because people tend not to do the whispery thing that Britney does so well in the song, but I think she did great!
  8. I love the addition of the guitar/bass to this part! Makes it sound edgier and more urgent.
  9. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant tonight. This is the best she's looked on a residency show tbh.
  10. She looked so beautiful today. And her advert! I didn't understand what it was for BUT I'M STILL SLAYED
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