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  1. Except if you see them from the other side, she grabs his hand and pulls him to her
  2. My other thought is that it is a cell phone recording of a 1:22 snippet that is floating around....
  3. Not sure what's going on what is going on when the laptop is shown in Perez's video... The window is crooked and cut off through most of it, then the gap in the top right of the monitor is filled when the mv pauses and the camera zooms out. The browser/website is crooked as hell in the monitor, like it was badly Photoshopped.
  4. Yes, it is in the Vegas intro and it is pretty awesome in person. The whole introduction builds and builds until you finally see Brit... The "it's time" part really got the crowd going the night I was there, too.
  5. This person really wants to make Black and White Rainbow happen
  6. Very good article. I also think this means that, while the album may be rumored to be 80% done, if there's a single detail Britney doesn't like, she has no problem holding back the release. As much as I crave new music... GOOD FOR HER. It's her name that is effected most by a luke-warm song or a missed production glitch. Take charge like a boss, Britney!
  7. I've only been to Brit's show once before... February of 2014. I am going in April for a friend's 30th bday, and I would say to wait, if you can stand it. Forget the show tickets being gone... There are slim pickings on hotel rooms and they are like $300-$450 per night! Planet Hollywood is no longer accepting one night reservations for most weekends in April... I think spring break is in full force. You'll get a better deal if you go later. Just my opinion, though! Obviously do what makes you happy
  8. Wondering that, too... Can't get a good look at her shoulder, but the glimpses I get look like it is different from her Instagram photo and shiny. I'm guessing she's having fun with fake tattoos until we a get better look Bitch was on FIRE!
  9. Trying not to get my hopes up, but I have been oh so here for this collab since 2013... http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/2013-01-06/missy-elliott-says-she-is-very-interested-in-collaborating-with-britney-spears
  10. Her entire stage/set can be dismantled and moved. I saw a concert there in Novemeber while Brit was on a break, and nothing from her set was left. The middle section, the stairs and the podiums, the ball she enters in, even the entire catwalk was gone and taken up by chaired seating. They definitely built the stage area to be flexible for moving different entertainment acts in and out.
  11. It has too much of the teenage Valley girl vibe that Pretty Girls and Hollaback Girl have. I barely made it through the first minute. >.<
  12. There is a tiny hint of it up... Found another snap.
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