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  1. @datsik fuck u with your stupid ass vibes. how about if you take the vibe to treat women with basic respect

  2. “Who takes Molly and goes to bingo?” https://t.co/2sypxfgdtO

  3. Honestly bless https://t.co/c50L0twT8e

  4. [email protected] plz bring the gays back to @okeechobeefest

  5. My week on Twitter ?: 22 Mentions, 936 Mention Reach, 53 Likes, 4 Retweets, 1.36K Retweet Reach. See yours with… https://t.co/rv8TNb4Yjq

  6. @doll_kelkel <3 miss u and this is iconic

  7. welp @charli_xcx sold out in literally 3 seconds but guess who still got a ticket. see ya next month bb <3 https://t.co/eHRcC1Hzta

  8. @seansmeltz @DUALIPA it seems white af so likely

  9. Me: “it looks like you had choke sex with a smurf” @__destinie: “I wish”

  10. really not in a great mood so I would honestly rethink the whole talking to me with a shitty attitude

  11. @JStevensDJ wtf how can i download this

  12. @SparkyMcGill @CrashJameson I’m a fan

  13. RT @circusworld21bz: One of the reasons i love the incredible @shondarhimes she always adds Britney in one of her shows. This time it was i…

  14. RT @britneyspears: YES!!! That is right @LouMTaylor!! You do step up every single day, and so do so many other ladies in the music business…

  15. Not only did I ask a bouncer for drugs but I also asked a 17 year old lolol