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  1. https://t.co/f2zlg837OO

  2. @ImFlyinJryan @__destinie ok judge Judy

  3. I lowkey hate the fact seeing the Walmart boy yodel live will be a highlight of my weekend https://t.co/X9fRmlWHdB

  4. @DILLONFRANCIS @charli_xcx Collab plz

  5. @charli_xcx Preach

  6. RT @charli_xcx: k fine i’ll rent a party bus ? https://t.co/TYCW7ZTFEO

  7. @2beckyjohnson Abort yourself hoe

  8. @EttaPopek @__destinie Omg ilysm ???

  9. 2018 is lit https://t.co/cvBSrZnCAb

  10. RT @salvat_re: Marvel: “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.” Me, an intellectual: https://t.co/lNLvc5YCyi

  11. @charli_xcx @DORIANELECTRA @DannylHarle @agcook404 @SlayRizz @umru_ @MagicHourNY see u tonite ?

  12. @datsik fuck u with your stupid ass vibes. how about if you take the vibe to treat women with basic respect

  13. “Who takes Molly and goes to bingo?” https://t.co/2sypxfgdtO

  14. Honestly bless https://t.co/c50L0twT8e

  15. [email protected] plz bring the gays back to @okeechobeefest

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